Web Design & Marketing

With a background of 10+ years working in the industry, we apply day-to-day on the job knowledge.

Media Ecology

Our approach follows the theory pioneered by Marshall McLuhan, which was growing exponientially on the last years.

Virtual Reality

The possibility to accelerate different experiences of our reality is very close. In a couple of years it's projected to get massive adoption around the global village.

Active Projects & Research

These are the main projects in which we are working right now.

Project hARVoR

We are designing a new set of protocols and examining different programming and script languages to interface between hardware and users following a simple and minimalistic approach.

VR Websites

What we used to think as a flat, 2d (or 2.5) visual interface is now amplified with new dimensions. The objective of this project is to remake the experience, adapting old techniques and experimenting with new ones. We're making websites powered by Mozilla's WebVR technology.

VR/AR Marketing

Online marketing based on science isn't new. Our approach seeks to connect the new experience dots at disposal made available by virtual and augmented reality.

VR Future

Though our projects focus mainly in 180° web interfaces, we are aware that it's just a middle-step on the way to 360° fully explorable interfaces. The gaming industry is making the first steps on this direction and surely we will be traveling similar paths along the way.